We check all engine systems including oil pressure, charging system, and water temperature including flushing scale from engine petcocks. We change your oil, oil filter, and fuel/water separator filter. We check fluid levels on power steering, power trim, and trim tab pumps, inspect all engine hoses and fuel lines, lubricate all linkages, inspect and replace engine zincs as necessary, inspect all drive belts, and touch up the paint. We add fuel stabilizer, run the engine and flush with fresh water. We drain, run anti-freeze through, & fog the engine with rust preventive oil mixture, & coat engine with rust inhibitor to prevent corrosion. Disconnect Battery cables, clean and lubricate terminals.  (Fuel is additional).

We check cylinder compression, install new distributor cap, rotor/sensor assembly, spark plugs, PCV valve, and all engine fuel filters.  We clean flame arrestor, check timing, idle speed, and the control adjustments. Perform computer diagnostic analysis to check all manufacturers' specifications.

RAW WATER PUMP REBUILD – Includes removal and replacement of impeller and gaskets and inspection of wear plates and housing. (This is the life blood of your engine & should be done annually).

"TOTAL CARE" - FULL PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE - For Maximium protection, convenience, and safety we recommend this comprehensive value packed program. By committing to engine and outdrive or engine and transmission winterization with preventive maintenance, engine tune-up, water pump rebuild, and spring (boat and engine) commissioning, you will receive a 5-day maximum in season service or we'll lend you a boat at NO CHARGE. You will also receive a 5% discount on the entire winterization invoice when you choose "TOTAL CARE" Full Preventive Maintenance AND pay in full by October 31st. As each engine is unique, all service material pricing quoted is approximate.


Charged in the Spring:

SPRING COMMISSIONING  - We charge batteries, start engine and check all operating systems.  We sea trial your boat and verify proper wide open throttle and RPM's.  We check all boat and engine gauges and all warning alarms.  We check and adjust steering torque, control cables and belt tension.  We evaluate the electrical system including checking for proper operation of bilge blower, bilge pumps, navigation lights, cabin and dash lights, salt water wash down, baitwell system, icemaker, air conditioning, and 110v dockside power.  (All parts and labor for any needed repairs found are additional).

WASH, WAX AND DETAIL - We wash, wax, and detail your entire boat including hull sides and deck.  Clean bilge area, glass, and oil any outside woodwork.  We also vacuum inside, clean and "Armor All" cockpit vinyl, polish rails, and lubricate canvas snaps. (includes all materials)