At Strong’s Marine our main priority is for you to enjoy your boating experience and time spent on the water. For those looking to optimize their boating seasons and receive service benefits, Strong’s offers Total Care Service. Total Care Service extends the life of your boat and provides preventative maintenance to ensure seasons of hassle free boating. It includes everything you need to maintain engine and drive warranty status – keeping your boat in prime condition year round.

What is Total Care?

• Total Care takes the “guesswork” out of servicing your boat; it’s a complete engine and drive service plan that includes all necessary services to maintain warranty and extend the life of your boat.
• It’s our way of extending the life of your boat, maintaining your boat to manufacturer-recommended standards.
• Total Care provides maximum protection, convenience and safety to our boaters.

What’s included in Total Care service?

• Preventive maintenance
• Annual engine tune-up as recommended by engine manufacturers
• Annual water pump rebuild as recommended by engine manufacturers
• Winterization – Spring commissioning How am I billed for Total Care services?
• Winterization services are billed in the fall – Spring commissioning services are billed separately in the spring.

Why choose Total Care?

Repairs within 5 days: If your boat needs operational service during the season, it will be repaired within 5 days – or we lend you an equivalent boat at no charge.
Complimentary service calls: we make house and dock calls! We come to your boat on Long Island and the 5 boroughs of New York at no charge.
Exclusive rates on specialty services: detailing, woodwork etc.

How do I sign up?

• New boat clients receive Total Care coverage the first boating season free of charge. We want to extend the life of your boat!
• Winterize and store with us, sign a Total Care service agreement and we continue our 5-day repair, no-charge service call commitment.
• We will – for the lifetime of your boat.