At Strong’s Marine, you don’t have to own a boat to live like a boater. If you love spending time on the water, but may not be ready to commit as a boat owner, then Strong’s Boat Club is an ideal choice. Boat Club memberships are available at our Southampton and Mattituck locations and entitle you to unlimited boating privileges on our new fleet of models from Cobalt, Pursuit and Regal boats. The models range from 18′ to 25.’ Strong’s Boat Club is a carefree and flexible way to enjoy a full season of premium boating on Long Island’s East End. Once you’ve reserved your boat, just arrive the day of your reservation, head to the dock, hop in the boat and go! The boat will be clean, gassed up and waiting for you when you arrive. Our Boat Club clients enjoy fishing, watersports, cruising to sandy beaches and sensational restaurants, and simply experiencing the beautiful waters of the Peconic Bays with family and friends.

Members have told us… Strong’s Boat Club is a great way to reconnect with the people they love – and create a lifetime of memories!


  • Strong’s Marine is the original East End Boat Club.
  • We have the East End’s premier fleet of boats, featuring current models from elite manufacturers Cobalt, Pursuit and Regal.
  • Strong’s Boat Club membership entitles you to unlimited boating throughout the season.
  • As a Strong’s Boat Club member, you hold the keys to your day on the water. There is no check-in/check-out process; simply arrive at the dock where your boat is ready and waiting for you – and you’re on your way.
  • We offer extended boating hours, from 9 AM to 7 PM, to maximize your time on the water. (And, as a special bonus for Boat Club members only: if your boat is available, we’ll always offer you the opportunity to pick up your boat the evening before your reservation, and drop if off the morning after.)
  • We permit pre-approved off-premise overnight docking.
  • Tubes and skis rentals are included in your membership fee.
  • There are no cancellation fees for Strong’s Marine Boat Club members.
  • Strong’s Marine boating season offers club members up to 180 days on the water.
  • We provide up to 5 hours of instruction prior to your first day of use, and Sea Tow coverage throughout your membership to ensure your safety.


An annual membership fee of $6,400 (plus tax) entitles Boat Club members to unlimited boating on our fleet of new model Cobalt, Pursuit and Regal boats.

Sign up today for a season of unlimited carefree boating. Call (631) 298-4770 x 10 for membership, rate information and more details on Strong’s Boat Club.