Boating Basics: Channel 16

Boating Basics: Channel 16

Every summer weekend, VHF Channel 16 is punctuated by a mélange of transmissions – some serious, some informational and some meaningless chatter. This month, I’m covering what Channel 16 is for, what Mayday, Sécurité and Pan-Pan calls mean, and most importantly, how to make an effective call should an [...] Read More


Most of us at one point or another have had at least one experience where we didn’t dock as “Gracefully” as we might have liked, especially when ALL eyes are on us. The following Docking Tips are meant to offer you some guidance in different types of docking scenarios. The more you practice the better you’ll be! Intro to [...] Read More


NEW YORK STATE BOATING SAFETY LAW UPDATE: New York State boaters born on or after May 1, 1996 must take a certified boating course and hold a boating safety certificate to boat in New York State waters.  This law supersedes the previously passed Suffolk County law requiring resident boaters [...] Read More


Check out our Fear Buster for a demonstration of how to navigate through the Locks.  Click Here Part 1     Click Here Part 2 MASTERING THE SHINNECOCK LOCKS, courtesy of the AMI Boater’s Guide: LOCKS are designed to raise and lower boats from one water level to another, allowing vessels [...] Read More