Cobalt 50th Anniversary Bonus Bucks Save up to $30,000 extended through August 31st at Strongs Marine
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Take advantage of this exciting offer from Strong’s Marine and Cobalt Boats!

NOW EXTENDED THROUGH AUGUST 15!  Save on the Cobalt of your dreams with Strong’s cash match program. Win big with these savings!:

ModelCobalt + Strong’s MatchTotal Savings
A40$15k + $15k$30,000 Bonus Bucks!
R35$10k + $10k$20,000 Bonus Bucks!
R30$7,500 + $7,500$15,000 Bonus Bucks!
R7$5k + $5k$10,000 Bonus Bucks!
R5$3,500 + $3,500$7,000 Bonus Bucks!
25SC, R3$2,500 + $2,500$5,000 Bonus Bucks!
23SC, CS23, CS22, 220S, 200S$500 + $500$1,000 Bonus Bucks!

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