Inboard Winter Service

We check all engine systems including oil pressure, charging system, and water temperature including flushing scale from engine petcocks. We change your oil, oil filter, and fuel/water separator filter. We check fluid levels on power steering, power trim, and trim tab pumps, inspect all engine hoses and fuel lines, lubricate all linkages, inspect and replace engine zincs as necessary, inspect all drive belts, and touch up the paint. We add fuel stabilizer, run the engine and flush with fresh water. We drain, run anti-freeze through, & fog the engine with rust preventive oil mixture, & coat engine with rust inhibitor to prevent corrosion. Disconnect Battery cables, clean and lubricate terminals.  (Fuel is additional).

We check cylinder compression, install new distributor cap, rotor/sensor assembly, spark plugs, PCV valve, and all engine fuel filters.  We clean flame arrestor, check timing, idle speed, and the control adjustments. Perform computer diagnostic analysis to check all manufacturers’ specifications.

RAW WATER PUMP REBUILD (If on engine) – Includes removal and replacement of impeller and gaskets and inspection of wear plates and housing. (This is the life blood of your engine & should be done annually)

OUTDRIVE WINTERIZATION WITH PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE – We remove the outdrive; lubricate the gimble housing, universal and tail shaft (old style Volvo is not removed). We drain the gearcase, inspect fluid for impurities, and refill it. We remove and inspect the propeller, lubricate the shaft and re-install it. We lubricate steering, pivot, and shift cables, re-torque gimbal ring to steering shaft connection. We inspect all bellows and hoses. We install a new water pump impeller, wear plate, and gaskets on Mercruiser Alpha drives and pressure check your outdrive. We clean the shift cavity and all internal water passages. We check the gimble bearing and alignment and touch up the paint. Inspect and replace all outdrive zincs as needed.  We replace the outdrive gasket and O-ring kit and re-install. Propeller reconditioning is additional.

OUTDRIVE WINTERIZATION ONLY – Includes all of the above services except the water pump re-build.  Service materials add’l.


DIESEL WINTER SERVICE – We change your oil and oil filter and inspect for any leaks. We change all fuel filters, filter elements, and coolant filters. We check coolant with refract meter.  We inspect all belts, hoses, and fuel lines. We replace any air filters as needed.  We add fuel stabilizer and flush your entire engine with anti-freeze. We spray the entire engine with rust inhibitor to prevent corrosion and seal out water during storage. We inspect and replace all engine zincs as needed. ** Impeller Service optional, see Raw Water Pump Rebuild.

TRANSMISSION WINTERIZATION WITH PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE – We drain the oil, inspect it for impurities, refill, change the filter, adjust and lubricate the linkages, and visually inspect the propeller shaft, strut and cutlass bearing.

IPS POD DRIVES WINTERIZATION WITH PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE – We drain the oil, inspect it for impurities, refill, change the filter, check power steering fluid, change zinc, remove and visually inspect the propellers and shafts, lubricate and reinstall.

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